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Luxury Candles

Kuati is extremely proud to showcase collections of some of the finest luxury candles the Market has to offer.  Our luxury candles range includes; scented candles, massage candles, aromatherapy candles, garden candles, travel candles and classic candlesticks.  The mind boggles at the variety of shapes and sizes one can find in our candle collection, leaving us confident that you will be able to find a candle for any occasion.  Our popular brand names include; Bougies la Francaise, Amelie et Melanie, Laurence Christel, Elizabeth W, Lollia  and JimmyJane.  We enjoy candles that stray showcase imagination, thus are always keen to enrich our collection with novel designs such as the Peony flower, the terrific tortoise and the grumpy rhino candle.

Candles UK

Our extensive range of candles UK includes brands, such as Abahna and LaCreme Beaute, both based on British soil.  The luxury candles come in an array of sizes, prices, colours, scents and styles.  Whether you are seeking simple and elegant candles or dramatic and beautifully embossed candles Kuati is confident that somewhere, amongst our collection is the solution to any candle crisis. Kuati ought to one’s forst port of call for candles UK.  Our Mayfair boutique showcases a plethora of  beautiful candles, sourced from all over the globe. 

Scented Candles

Our scented candles cater for a great variety of tastes, moods and occasions.  Traditional scents, designed to delicately lace the home, such as Lavender and Jasmine, sit wonderfully alongside more contemporary scents, for example Truffle Gardenia, Bourbon and Lychee Lapsang.  Our scented candles can also be used in massage and aromatherapy.    

Black Candles

Make a dramatic and decorative statement with our classic black candles.  They include; The divine Bougies La Francaise Black Wicker Outdoor Candle, Rivage Gift Box Candle, Round Embossed Candle and the Skeem Half Pint Night Orchid Candle. 

Pillar Candles

There are few more effective, yet effortless, ways to add a touch of elegance and style to a room than picking out a wondering pillar candle.  Our pillar candle range includes beautifully decorative pillar candles, scented pillar candles and unscented pillar candles.

Garden Candles

Candles need not be exclusively used indoors.  In fact, there something extremely lovely about a warm summer’s evening, sitting outside being warmed by a soft, flickering candle light.  Our citronella garden candle softly scents the air while keeping insects at bay.  The black wicker outdoor candle, by Bougies la Francaise, also sits extremely well we have some beautiful garden lanterns , as well as candles in beautifully decorated metal tins.   

Glass Candle Holders

Our unique sets of glass candleholders embody refinement.  Showcasing a simple candle can be a stylish and simple way to add a touch of elegance to any given setting. This set of three, gold/silver leaf design candleholders look simply divine on a coffee table or mantelpiece.

Candle Centerpieces

Completing the perfect dinner table could not be more simple.  A stunning candelbra sets the tone for a delectable dinner.  Our selection of luxury candelabras creates a stunning centerpiece and can work wonderfully at weddings, Christmas, to name but a few appropriate occasions.

Candle Shop

Our team of experts at the Boutique would be only too happy to answer any further questions, so please, feel free to contact us.  Our team of enthusiastic staff are more than happy to talk your through our candle collections and explain the features of specific ranges, for example, our massage candles,travel candles or our organic candles.

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